Why Homemade Dog Food May Save Your Dogs Life

The recent dog food and pet food recall that has claimed the lives of dogs across the United States as a result of eating contaminated commercial dog food tainted with aminopterin, a rat poison, and melamine, a chemical used in making plastics and fertilizer. As a result many dog owners considering homemade dog food as a safe and nutritious alternative for their dog.

In a recent news article, a law professor states that little change is anticipated ( in the dog food industry) after the current onslaught of dog food recall news and attention subsides.

The probable reason for this conclusion is that there are insufficient financial resources and manpower to effectively monitor and regulate the dog food industry. You can’t trust the dog food industry to watch out for your dog and the government is not your answer either.

This is unfortunate. The dog food industry was born in postwar America to meet a need….the need of business interests to recycle slaughterhouse and industrial waste. This refuse had potential uses as fertilizer, landfill and such, but a more profitable horizon existed in the packaging and selling this “junk” as food to unsuspecting dog owners. It is now a common misconception that your dog can not maintain a healthy life unless he is fed commercial dog food. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To save your dogs life, you may want to consider making your own homemade dog food. This is one of the best ways to guarantee your dog a healthy and safe diet.

Just glance at some of the regular ingredients delivered by rendering plants to  commercial  dog food manufacturers in the Unites States, Europe and worldwide.

·      Euthanized dogs -Toxic chemicals such as Sodium Phenobarbital, the euthanizing agent injected to kill dogs daily at dog shelters. (This comes with the euthanized dog who is ground up at a rendering plant to be added to dog food. The dog may still be wearing a flea collar and be in a plastic bag when rendered )

·        Blood

·        Feathers

·        Undeveloped eggs

·        Downed, dying, diseased and dead animals  (Known as the 4Ds)

·        Hooves, beaks, feet and hide

And a host of other unsavory, unhealthy and toxic products that will slowly kill or euthanize your dog with every feeding.

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So what’s the alternative? Well, if you are willing to spend a little time, and maybe even some money, there is a better way to feed your dog. You  can halt the daily toxification, provide needed nutrition and increase your dog’s lifespan

What You Should Feed Your Dog

A variety of homemade dog food options  are available  for you to make your own dog food at home.

Some of these include completely natural dog food diets that are currently the rage with certain  dog nutrition experts such as The Bones and Raw Food,( BARF) diet also known as the  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.

 BARF Diets typically include a variety of uncooked foods such as :

·        Bones with meat flesh attached.

·        Organs

·        Muscle

·        Eggs

·        Fruit

·        Yogurt

·        Enzymes

·        Herbs

·         Vegetables

·         Supplements and herbs

·         Cereals


As to the preferred meat, there is none. BARF proponents use beef, chicken, goat, buffalo, whatever is fresh and available.

The same philosophy seems to exist for vegetables. Again the emphasis is on freshness, availability and variety.

While anecdotal tales of remarkable results are reported daily by BARFers, some veterinarians have found that BARF diets can be deficient in certain required nutrients. The inability to qualitatively analyze each prepared meal may account for these research results.

Vegetarian Homemade Dog Food Diets

Dogs, while primarily carnivores are also actually omnivores. In the wild, 10,000 years ago, dogs would take down their prey, and  eat  not just the meat of the carcass but the contents of the stomach which included undigested grains, berries and grass. This natural desire for a balanced diet suggests to many dog nutritionists that a vegetarian diet  containing sufficient protein sources is desirable. The advantage of a vegetarian diet is that disease and other health related issues can be avoided as well. Additionally, the philosophical objection of vegans to killing any animal as a food source  is accomplished.

 Homemade Dog Food Vegetarian Diets include

·        Bread

·        Brown rice

·        Sprouting grains

·        Carrots

·        Apples

·        Dog biscuits

·        Cottage cheese

·        Eggs

·        Lentils

·        Baked beans


Make a Combo Homemade Dog Food Diet

·        A Combo diet is in essence a blend of all philosophies and might include

·        Meat

·        Vegetables

·        Eggs

·        Brown Pasta

·        Brown Rice


No matter which approach you choose for a homemade dog food diet there are a few pitfalls. One is the difficulty of preparing a properly balanced dog food diet with each batch.

The Whole Dog Journal states that a properly balanced dog food diet should include whole meat, vegetables, fruit, grain and high quality dietary fats.

Others suggest that the best alternative is to use a very high quality dog food that is natural, without preservatives, additives and the toxins that are found in many of the private and major kibble brands sold in retail outlets. These dog foods will typically cost quite a bit more than dog foods of lower quality, but guarantee a balanced diet for your dog .

If you do choose to prepare homemade dog food for your dog be certain to avoid certain foods which can be toxic and potentially fatal to your dog. These include but are not limited to avocado, raisins, grapes, and  chocolate.

If the pros and cons, yin and yang, of the various approaches to making homemade dog food for your dog has your head spinning, don’t despair. I have been researching this field for years and learn something new daily that confuses me even more. 

There is a good way to get some perspective on this.

First, find out what is in the dog food you’re eating at http://www.dogs-4life.com/dog-food-that-kills.html

Second, If you decide on making your own  homemade dog food there is a wonderful  Free primer online at  http://www.pet-grub.com/

Don’t be afraid to get started making homemade dog food if you don’t have access to every recommended ingredient. The improvement in  your dog’s health by simply removing the  toxins of his current commercial dog food and  his new and improved healthy, nutritious homemade dog food will be worth getting started today !

My small 8 year old dog suddenly became ill and no vet could determine the cause. She died after enduring 2 weeks of pain and misery on Mother’s Day morning.  Her life expectancy was 25 years. Don’t let anything happen to your  best friend. Find out what is in the dog food you use at http://www.dogs-4life.com/dog-food-that-kills.html then learn how you can keep your dog healthy, extend her life and save on veterinary bills at  http://www.dogs-4life.com/veterinary-secrets.html

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